Lynx (3.0) + Quest Version PHYSBONES

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Lynx (3.0) by Kyanite ADDED PHYSBONES TO PC + QUEST


Quest compatible unitypackage included

✔ Gogo locomotion added

ADDED PHYSBONES - Headpat + Hair stretch animation included

✔ Full body ready

Toggles: Mask, Hat/Ears, Jacket-Tanktop-Pasties, Pants-Shorts-Panties, Shoes

✔ Extras: Blade, Robot/Human Arm, 2 Springjoints, Drawing Pencil

✔ Dynamic bones: Hair, Straps, Tail, Boobs, Ass



- DO NOT USE THIS AVATAR'S HEAD ON YOUR AVATARS FOR SALE. It's my heavy edit of WetCat's head and I don't allow it for now.

-NO sharing this package to ANYONE (if this is a gift OR you need help uploading make sure you inform me on discord DMs (

-NO re-selling this package or claiming as your own

-ALL uploads of the avatars must be PRIVATE, not public uploads.


Head: Hair:, Base:, Hat: Ears: Jacket/Shoes/Mask:, Tank/Pants: RobotArm:, Shorts:, CyberSpine:, Springjoint:, Tail/Horns:

Body texture:

Showcase video by: Jas~#7472 (discord)


IF anything at all is wrong or you need help feel free to join my discord and use the blender/unity help channel or DM me, I'll be glad to help ♥

NO REFUNDS once you have the file. as I said, if something wrong or you are not pleased just DM me I'll get it fixed/sorted out.

Thank you ♥

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I want this!

pc+quest unitypackages, fbx, .blend files


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